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When looking for an IT services company, it is important to evaluate their ability to provide IT solutions that are tailored to meet individual business needs. At Informics Digital, we understand that no two businesses are alike, that is why our IT experts customize solutions based on your specific requirements.

Additionally, we help business to implement third-party solutions and integrate their business processes that results in increased productivity. Our services are backed by quick-response teams dedicated to resolving any technology-related concerns you might have.

Informics Digital stands apart from the competition by delivering reliable solutions that don’t just meet industry standards but exceed them.

Business Advisory

At Informics, we work with businesses to identify right IT solutions to meet their short and long-term strategic goals. Through comprehensive study and analysis tailored specifically to your organization’s needs, our team of industry experts can recommend solutions that can seamlessly integrate with your business processes. Thus, enabling increased employee productivity by eliminating inefficient and repetitive processes.

Technical Services

Technical Services provide the backbone for a business’ success. By supporting their IT initiatives with our collection of services, from software solutions and integration to user support and cloud services, clients have the tools they need to efficiently manage operations while still allowing flexibility in changing environments.

Digital Transformation

With the help of cutting-edge technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and Process Automation – Digital Transformation is driving businesses towards higher customer satisfaction while creating remarkable products & services. Let Informics Digital help you harness these tools to revolutionize your processes and make sure you stay ahead in today’s competitive market!

Industries We Serve

We engineer the future by combining our in-depth expertise and skill to produce cutting-edge software solutions for industries of all sizes. Our resources have not only technical knowledge but also extensive experience and understanding of business domains, enabling us to fulfill the needs of many industries, including healthcare, banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing and logistics.


Informics Digital is a leader in providing advanced software solutions to the healthcare industry.

Our comprehensive suite of products helps our partners optimize and accelerate their medical practices, giving them an edge over other providers in terms of efficiency and patient management.

We provide EMR/LIMS/EHR applications, patient scheduling systems as well as mHealth apps – all designed with your business in mind.

Our virtually integrated technologies help you streamline and manage your patients’ and providers’ needs across multiple platforms.

Banking, Financial Services, Insurance

Informics Digital is keen to deliver Innovative Business and Technology Solutions for, Banking, Finance & Insurance (BFSI) Sector.

We understand the technology, compliances, and user expectations and have the experience of delivering both platform-based and custom software for BFSI organizations that serve the needs of retail, corporate banking and improves the relationships between financial facilities and their customers, attracting and retaining the most profitable clientele.

We develop and deliver cutting-edge digital solutions to provide assurance for the information exchanged and we develop the most effective means to provide financial products and support the brands throughout the entire engagement journey.


At Informics Digital, we work with manufacturers to bring innovations to life through an original software solution.

To stay ahead of the market, close the gap on competitors and improve profitability for the long period, manufacturers must challenge their thinking and focus on artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, machine learning systems and big data analytics to drive cost optimization while enhancing customer experience to manage uncertainty and optimize performance.

Whatever your needs, our expert team will partner to drive growth by combining industry best practices with technological excellence that enables process developments and improvements.


Our solutions for logistics and supply chain companies around the world have helped several leading companies improve operational excellence and realize growth.

We help business leaders in optimizing costs and unlocking ‘value’ in operations. The transportation and logistics industry is the core vertical of the supply chain and it is consistently evolving. Logistics companies are looking for cost-effective digital solutions to address ever increasing customer demands and deliver products with optimal quality.

Merging of IT technology, human intelligence, and business process optimization, at Informics Digital, we help you improve operational efficiency.

Our Services

Choosing the proper IT service provider is a profound decision for a business owner. You need IT solutions that offer functionality, compatibility, security, support, management, and reporting capabilities to optimize your operations. Our technical experts can provide a technology assessment to identify what your business needs are today and, in the future, to ensure long-term efficiency for your business.

Systems Integration

Our broad range of services are designed to make any system operations easier and more efficient. Our team specialize in configuring and implementing hosted solutions, third-party options, and homegrown custom applications.

Custom Development

Whether brilliant software or innovative websites, our experienced teams work with you every step of the way: from discovering your needs and goals through planning, testing, launching, and maintaining your bespoke solutions.

Data Management

With our expertise in data management tools and techniques, you can benefit from better organization of your data resources as well as improved collaboration between departments in your organization.

Analytics & Visualization

Gain better insight into your business performance with Analytics & Visualization. With our unique and powerful tool, you can transform data into meaningful knowledge to inform decisions, understand key performance indicators, and even uncover hidden opportunities.


By implementing ML, AI and RPA technologies into your company’s operations today you will be able to compete with top-level businesses tomorrow; all while meeting customer demands more efficiently than ever before!

Staff Augmentation & Support

Are you struggling to manage the constantly changing staffing needs in your IT department? We can provide both long-term staff augmentation support, or just give you the temporary seasona help that you need.


At the forefront of engineering the future, we offer experienced engineers with cutting edge software technologies. Our expertise comes to you with the sole intent of exceeding customer expectations and heightening productivity through intricate tailoring of software to match your business needs.


ReactJS, AngularJS, Node.js

We offer comprehensive Front End solutions, meeting all your creative and development needs.


React Native, Flutter

Mobile application development allows you to enhance customer reach from any device at any time.


SQL Server, MySQL, Snowflake

Strong Databases to store, manage, and retrieve data give you all the flexibility your business requires.

Analytics & Visualization

Power Bi, Tableau, Alteryx

Utilize powerful analytics & visualization tools to get insights of your sales, transactions, activity, etc.


AWS, Azure, GCP

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our experienced cloud services solution provider is run securely while guaranteeing maximum reliability and performance of your hosted resources.


Agile, DevOps

Feel confident that the methodologies Informics Digital utilizes will streamline projects and ensure a return on your investment.

Our Precious Clients


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The first step in curating a practical, efficient IT solution for your business is to find IT visionaries with the expertise and know-how to bring your optimization aspirations to life. As information technology leaders, Informics Digital is here to satisfy your unique IT service needs. Contact our tech experts to discuss how we can enhance your business model today.

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