How to make it Work

Want an experienced partner & guide to transform your ideas into software products.

We listen to your needs, research and assess, develop and implement a smart solution for your business and then repeat.

At Informics Digital we understand each client has unique requirements which require unique solutions. By being flexible in our delivery models, we ensure successful relationships in challenging and changing business environments. We developed our solutions according to your business needs and with the end-users in mind. Have a wonderful software idea? Our team of software development and business experts will guide you on your way from the concept to the product ready for the market.

Have you sparked a fabulous digital product idea? Are you optimistic about its success if it’s launched? Still groping in the dark as you don’t know how to take it to the development stage?

If you have ‘YES’ as an answer to all these questions, you are not alone. Several start-ups and established corporates around the globe are scratching their heads on this issue.

A foresighted service model to handle this challenge is actually in existence. Our Idea to Product Guide is a customizable service model that turns your ideas into innovative digital solutions in an Agile way.

What help do you get?

Extensive technological expertise – You get a sole tech partner who is able to fulfill all of your development requirements.

Clear and transparent workflow – The development is either built up for you from scratch or flawlessly integrated into your already existing process our focus is on security of your software and we help you in increasing the reliability of your product.

You always know what happens with the product and the project - A dedicated manager is always in touch with you. We regularly demonstrate intermediate results. Current versions of your system are available on test benches. We generate detailed reporting of costs and results.

100% of releases are completed in time - You see the result within a set amount of time.

Quick Highlights

  • Strong Agile software development support
  • Understand client's business logic and align with their goals
  • Uncover dynamic possibilities of the existing idea
  • Create successful MVP to gauge product viability
  • Lean execution focusing on client’s ROI
  • Compliance to Sprint rituals
  • Continuous focus on technical excellence and proper design
  • High-performing, user-centered software that meets timelines