Business We Serve

Our clients come from many different businesses and industries. Our resources not only have technical expertise but also possess extensive experience and deep understanding of business domains.


We have years of experience and expertise in delivering ecommerce solutions, integrations, Cross platform mobile ecommerce solutions and services. We will assist you in building a customer base by providing best fit solution. Our expert works alongside leading retailers and e-com leaders to develop and implement personalized software solutions that address today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities. Informics digital services help companies unlock the formula to increase profits and gain new customers amid growing ecom competition.

Informics Digital has gained all the required business acumen to take clients’ e-commerce business one step ahead of competitors. Through an array of tailormade services, we enable organizations to enhance revenue and cost-effectiveness. We are well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology, industry knowledge and methodologies to help online businesses with end-to-end operation related services. Our services assist enterprises in building, maintaining and servicing an innovative e-commerce platform that maximizes their business value.


Bring your healthcare company into the digital age with Informics Digital. We're partnering with Healthcare organizations and successfully integrating data-driven insights into their clinical and operational processes to provide better care, prevent diseases, and optimize all areas of the care continuum. We develop healthcare solutions that comply with HIPAA, HHS, HL7 and other security regulations.

Informics Digital healthcare services help healthcare organizations enhance their patient satisfaction through seamless technical and back-office operational support. Improving operational performance and technology, we support organizations in reduction of expenses. Our expertise in HIPPA, HL7, HHS helps us efficiently understand your requirement. Partner with us and take the advantage of our healthcare service we're providing to organizations and invest in implementing new digital trends while reducing operational and resource-based costs.


Informics Digital is keen to deliver Innovative Business and Technology Solutions for, Banking, Finance & Insurance (BFSI) Sector. We understand the technology, compliances, and user expectations and have the experience of delivering both platform-based and custom software for BFSI organizations that serve the needs of retail, corporate banking and improves the relationships between financial facilities and their customers, attracting and retaining the most profitable clientele.

We develop and deliver cutting-edge digital solutions to provide assurance for the information exchanged and we develop the most effective means to provide financial products and support the brands throughout the entire engagement journey. With the extensive BFSI domain knowledge, we've earned the reputation of being the most trustworthy IT service provider for banking and finance services industry.

By delivering value-added cutting-edge digital solutions & unlocking cost-efficiencies; we streamline processes through technology innovation. By building transparency in systems and processes, we enable organizations to meet regulatory requirements and risk. The proactive measures taken while developing custom solutions assist BFSI companies to create new business opportunities and address challenges.


At Informics Digital, we work with manufacturers to bring innovations to life through an original software solution, quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively by enhancing their digital capabilities to transform value chains across product and asset management, and manufacturing operations. The manufacturing industry has to deal with all sorts of problems and challenges. Often, standard off-the-shelf software isn’t going to be enough to meet those needs or live up to those challenges. To stay ahead of the market and competition, close the gap on competitors and improve profitability for the long period, manufacturers must challenge their thinking and focus on artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, machine learning systems and big data analytics to drive cost optimization while enhancing customer experience to manage uncertainty and optimize performance. Whatever your needs, our expert team will partner to drive growth by combining industry best practices with technological excellence that enables process developments and improvements.


Informics Digital team is helping Pharmaceutical companies to take advantage of digital transformation to accelerate development and remain competitive in a fast-paced business environment. Our tailor-made IT solutions provide you with the peace of mind that all your databases, software, technology, and business applications are managed and secured.


Nowdays more and more educational institutions are stepping into e-learning, Learning management system are common tools for distance learning. Institutions around the world are facing many challenges in turning into digital upgradation. We're making it possible by navigating these often competing demands while fulfilling the core missions through innovation and transformation. At, Informics Digital we drive change with technology and assist education institutions gain competitive advantage through Elearning platforms and management solutions. With a complete focus on innovation, our services range from business application and technology strategy to enterprise-level software application development as well as emerging educational solutions.

Travel & Tourism

Our experienced team of consultants and experts in the Travel, Leisure and Tourism help leaders to transform challenges into the growth, opportunities and competitive advantage. Expertise in areas such as travel network management and pricing and revenue management supplements our strong foundation in strategy, operations, and organizational growth. We helps companies to take swift and decisive action in the face of unforgiving timetables, complex pricing decisions and volatile costs by using data analytics and robust custom software platforms. We aims to create optimum customer experience, increasing efficiency using emerging latest technologies such as Internet of Things, Cloud computing, Mobility and Big Data Analytics. We've proven track record in developing web and mobile apps for travel & tourism industry with a variety of features like navigation app, airline ticket booking, hotel reservation, public transportation search, searching sightseeing places and many more.


Our solutions for logistics companies and supply chain companies around the world have helped several leading companies improve operational excellence and realize growth. We help business leaders in optimizing costs and unlock ‘value’ in operations. The transportation and logistics industry is the core vertical of the supply chain and it is consistently evolving. Logistics companies are looking for cost-effective digital solutions to address ever increasing customer demands and deliver products with optimal quality. Merging of IT technology, human intelligence, and business process optimization, we at Informics Digital help you improve operational efficiency. By managing your IT infrastructure and securing your web application our supply chain solutions brings agility into your business.

Engineering & Construction

At, Informics Digital we help construction & engineering companies leverage the power of latest technology by developing robust and high-end software, mobile applications, cloud applications and web based portals specifically for architects, engineers, subcontractors, vendors, manufacturers—across departments, locations, and technologies. We've helped many construction and engineering companies reduce operational cost & complexity and effectively address project risks. Our experienced team of experts offers end-to-end technology services, which addresses across different phases of the construction lifecycle right from brown field to green field project.