On demand tele-health application
  • Posted Jan 01, 2021

On demand tele-health application


The objective of this project is to create a Web application for patients to purchase medicines by choosing their symptoms, fill out related questionnaires, and then consulting the doctor from the platform. After the doctor’s approval patients then choose between local pharmacy pickup or get shipped.

  • To create HIPPA compliant Web application that allows patients to easily login, fill out the questionnaire, and be consulted by a doctor, and purchase through E-prescription.
  • Patient - chooses symptoms, be registered, fill out questionnaires, and checkout
  • Doctor - See registered patients, answer questions, and send e-prescriptions



Our software application allows patients to connect with telehealth doctors from their homes or anywhere else and use the system in real-time by answering simple questions regarding symptoms. It turned to be the easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, checks interactions and set up your own personal medication records.

  • Greater availability of medicines for people confined to their homes, or for those who live far from the pharmacy.
  • User can order products and talk with a pharmacist in the privacy of your home.
  • The patient gets medical care online for a variety of services and chat with a doctor about healthcare goals.
  • The system is secure and online consultation is completely safe, it keeps you away from the crowded clinics, long appointment queues, and searching medicine.
  • Patients received care in a timely, discreet, and personal manner.
  • Patient-centric application architecture
  • Dashboard to manage all virtual interactions
  • Analytics portal
  • Users can select from dozens of treatment services offered on the platform and get the guidance, detailed descriptions of the conditions and their treatments are available for their review.
  • Data sharing service
  • Administrative view
  • Digital patient intake with configurable journeys
  • Our platform works on all kind of devices smoothly (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phones)


⭕️ Performance:

Web application must not take more than 5 seconds to load at the launch and not more than 2 seconds for interior pages.

⭕️ Scalability:

Must be able to adapt itself to increased usage or able to handle more data as time progress.

⭕️ Interactions:

The loading animations in case of network drops or no network. The mobile app should also ensure that the CTA’s throughout it prescribes to the “minimum clickable area” for ease of usage.

Load/Stress: Define the behavior of the system in case that system has reached its capacity to handle users.

⭕️ Security:

Stores the data in fully encrypted format. Must be HIPPA compliant.


user persona

⭕️ Patient:-

The Patient registers on the platform, choose symptoms and answer a questionnaire related to it. The patients also have the ability to select the medicines and the dosages which will further then be approved by the doctor.

⭕️ Doctor:-

The doctor will create his/her role and approve/deny the Telehealth consultation request. He/She will be able to see the list of patients registered on the platform, send them E-prescriptions as well as chat with the patients.


  • HTML 5

  • React.js


  • node.js

  • PHP

  • API/Slim


  • Azure

  • Mongo DB


  • Agile-Scrum

  • GIT


  • HL7




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