• Posted Jun 02, 2020

Windows Virtual Desktop new era of end-user computing

"Windows Virtual Desktop" new era of end-user computing. Enhance your virtual desktop capabilities and simplify your cloud migration with Informics Digital Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many employees are working from home. A large number of remote workers using established solutions such as VPN access that could easily overwhelm the capacity and create problems like slow response times, firewall bottlenecks, data security, and software licensing issues. If you choose to make the change for your business and thinking about introducing virtual computing, it’s very important that you're making the most of your investment and ease your remote working as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Informics Digital is a certified Microsoft Partner company. It enables us to deliver a proven and flexible solution and gain better customer insight. We're helping mid-sized to big companies economically moving their enterprise computing onto a cloud platform.