• Posted Jan 01, 1970

Self-Service Analytics- Informics Digitial

Informics Digital:- Manufacturing plants worldwide rise up to C o v i d-19 challenges, self-service analytics can be a critical component in enabling crucial, data-driven decisions to help return to a new manufacturing normal post-C o v i d-19, thereby securing a safer future. The digitalization of processes is providing a faster recovery for the industry.

During a crisis, it's helpful to eliminate unneeded layers of complexity and enable teams to analyze and monitor processes remotely. By leveraging self-service analytics with pattern recognition and machine learning, process and asset experts can tackle many day-to-day analytics challenges themselves while permitting data scientists to focus on a selection of "big, hairy" issues.

Process and asset engineers understand the production data best but are not data scientists, so data modeling should not be needed. We as subject matter experts can best serve with pattern recognition-based analytics software. Informics DIgital team can quickly see the operational performance from all time-series data gathered from production.

We will help you to make the transition to analytical data-empowered engineers, it's best to start small and scale fast. But more importantly, facilitate them to change to a new behavior. Create an organizational structure to share successes and create personal development plans related to the use of analytics for contributing to corporate goals. Especially now, in this new normal, it becomes even more important to make data-driven decisions, such as correcting possible process deviations or communication gaps in shift handovers.

Recently, many process manufacturing companies have started or are progressing with their digitalization journeys. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of them are facing a new truth. Some companies have accelerated their production, others have modified their product lines and a third group have had to stop production due to lack of demand. In the new manufacturing normal, changes are required. With factories firing up and recovery from Covid-19 underway, the importance of making a digital transformation is mission-critical.

We're here to help you with everything you need for transforming your traditional business.