• Posted Jul 11, 2021

Electronic Health Record Software- Informics Digital

EHR systems is a must-have for the healthcare organizations. For the past years, Informics Digital is the trusted advisor for providing a great number of high-quality software solutions to the healthcare industry,

If you strive for making evidence-based decisions, clinicians need high-quality data that should derive from multiple sources: Better access to patient data can improve health outcomes and also attract information breaches: inpatient and outpatient care, acute and chronic care settings, urban and rural care and populations at risk. All of this can only be accomplished with electronic health records and discrete structured data.

EHRs are one of the most important solution of healthcare IT services due to the immense benefits they offer:

Rapid Access to Critical Patient Records 
Reliability- Enables Safe & Secure Sharing of Electronic Information
Streamlined Workflows
Reduction of Mistakes
Less Paperwork and Fewer Storage Issues
Increased Efficiency and Productivity
Patient’s Healthcare History is More Organized
Hassle-Free Tracking of Massive Data 
Group Management
Better Coordination of Patient Care
Enables Patients to Review Their Medical Record

Investing in an EHR IT system can be a highly beneficial decision for any healthcare organization. Not only small, mid or large hospitals but even insurance companies, clinics, government hospitals have started adopting and implementing EHR systems.

If you are willing to deliver value to your patients, Informics Digital team can help you with your healthcare IT software needs like EMR, LIMS, EHR, Patient Scheduler System, HMS, mHealth apps, etc