Actionable Analytics

Informics analytics & reporting services help clients to get important information. We reshape big data to actionable intelligence that add operational insights and helps you to take effective decisions.

We can transform your data into reports and dashboards with reliable data to:

  • Built cost-effective solutions that improve productivity
  • Stay customer-focused and meet customer requirements
  • Strategize to improve ROI
  • Monitor data and detect deviations
  • Study your data and forecast industry trends and new opportunities

Data Visualization

The visuals alone don't get you the entire path there. You need to analyze the information and draw-in related data is the place where the story gets made. Creating a data visualization that is clear and concise is as much an art than a science.

Information in a vacuum is hard to decipher: Creative visualization will help breath life into it and help your audience and group of spectators understand it. Scalability and customizability of visualization is important to consider and at Informix Digital we help our clients to select the most straightforward visualization that will convey the point they want to make. When selecting a visualization, we always think from the perspective of your audience, and make design choices that will allow them to quickly understand the insights you’re trying to convey.

With the help of effective data visualization, we help our clients to:

  • Provide useful information in an efficient way
  • Arrive to a conclusion quickly
  • Avoid ambiguity in information
  • Evade unwanted information